Monday, July 30, 2012

another sunday nighttt. haha yeshh times fliessss. :( weekend was fun, went to catch dark knight at vivocity. haha i'm not a huge fan, but he is, and i was quite impressed by the previous dark knight too. anyway, it was great going out on a date date kind of thing. and i just realised, we didn't take a single photo to commemorate the event! :/ so much for having a photographer boyfriend lol. we have strangely not evolved to become one of those 'take a picture of every moment we're together' kind of couples. then again, i haven't exactly been the point and shoot kind of person. oh well, going out and spending time was good enough. it's been a while... haven't gone out just to purposely do something together without it being done as an on-the-way-to-something-else-thing (like dinners before book in and lunches after service). haha definitely miss the times when we had the luxury of just doing anything at anytime of the day; weekend hours are just too precious!

hopefully a short week this week! supposed block leave means book out on thursday night. great timing, because that means a day before i fly to aussieland to visit mel. haha which also means, need to start packing soon!

satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment/accomplishment. i suppose that's half what a proud parent would feel of a successful child. or a parent that has had her child open up to her. which makes me half wonder whether i'm en route to the right profession, or should i go into teaching instead? honestly, 'bad' boys and girls scare me. i think i'm too nice/naive/easily climbed over to deal with these kind of children. i believe in the reasoning and logical way of explanation and talking to 'get through' to them... is that naive/idealistic to think that it will work with them? or does it only work with the 'better half' of society? but yet, the challenge to go in and make a difference in a different way is calling strong to me. which is quite surprising because, if you know me well, i'm a really laid back, no stress no worry kind of person. hardly the competitive, adventurous type. ah well. musings, thoughts, and continuous prayers. i'm not the Author, He is.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

sunday night bluesssss :( another 6 days before the boyfriend books out again! haha been psyching myself to think of it as like a 5-day work week, but that's kind of flawed cos even if you work, you have the nights off. oh well, at least he has time for a msg or two at night. anddd looking forward to weekends just makes the weeks go by faster - plus point! it's been a month and a half alreadyyy.

okay shall emo no more; i'm a naturally happy cheerful girl :D

i've started this job as an enrichment instructor. i go to primary schools and give their students those extra enrichment classes on maths or how to answer comprehension questions, etc. well, technically i'm supposed to be going to only one regular school, but there's been a need for relief instructors at another primary school (a one-time thing seems to turn out to a weekly thing, substituting different persons each time), and i've somehow been roped in to do a secondary school english compre workshop/lecture thingy. haha my dad calls that this whole job thing "scamming kiasu parents" - simply cos i got the job just hours after applying for it (through a public announcement by my friend on fb, no less) and i wasn't even asked for any certs or stuff. maybe my friend put in a good recommendation for me. or maybe i just have good phone interview skills :P

teaching has been quite fun for my regular class; a primary six english class. getting more relaxed and less stressed about having to prepare lessons and stuff. but relief for the other primary school - a primary maths clinic - has been...quite an experience. sucks the life and energy and voice out of you really. it's only an hour class, but by 30 minutes you're kind of losing half the class. don't know how the teachers do it, salutes! haha kind of reinforces my stand that if i do go into teaching, it will NOT be in a primary school. i think i prefer to speak to my students with explanations and reasons, rather than simple instructions with no need for explanations and reasoning cos the students don't understand anyway haha. "Eyes on me, look to the front! Show me your worksheet, I want to see all the blanks filled in correctly!" at least speaking to the p6 class is a more civilised activity haha, although it is a tough job getting them to speak.

okay off to look through the material for the secondary students. we'll be teaching irony and paradoxes...don't remember that being taught in my secondary school days haha.

some pictures of my life in recent timezzz:

combined corps camp in a resort in JB, where we spent the last night having a combined 'youth cell' haha. 22 people in a teeny tinny hotel room!

some lifetimes ago, when the boyfriend and tim made dinner in corps. from left: mac and cheese, campbell soup, sausages, omelette (garnished with the green thingy), and dory fish (also garnished with the green thingy, and to go with the funny sauce on the side. don't ask what's in it!) but everything was very yummyyyy!


courtesy of ryan's camera and lens. no idea what version/model it is, just that it's supposed to be so super good that you dont need to focus and everything is still sharp. or something. i think i'm getting it wrong haha. oh well who needs to know so much camera stuff when the boyfriend (and all his friends) are full of it? :P

laksta - laksa + pasta at eugene's new cafe Home@68 located in the chinatown area. it's basically pasta with laksa sauce, but realllllly good! loves to the prawns toooo. haha should go and check it out if you're in the area!

some chocolate strawberry blended drink and blueberry muffin from the coffee place by my friends gloria and jean. hahaha, no just kidding. the drink had some really nice name, but the taste of it bottomline is more like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream mixed in one. and the blueberry muffin was supposed to a banana muffin; i think the barrister heard me wrongly. althoughhhhh banana = blueberry? oh well the music was loud.

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

hello again!

so, i've been exploring the new blogger look and all its functions. anddddd....it has some stats thingy that actually monitors how many page views there are, and WHERE they were viewed from! haha so freaky! it actually lists like how many page views were from Singapore, how many from another country...audience they call it. haha wow i didnt know there's such a function! now i feel self-conscious writing stuff here cos i know like, 25 people from the US are reading this, haha! it's like a fanclub!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

it's been a really long time since i've been here. i don't even remember my password! :/ and everything looks different haha. wellllll. have kind of been driven back here by total boredom. well, boredom, and i guess a place to ramble and reminisce? but, shall trawl through my archives another night. when i'm really really bored again.

the boyfriend has just gone into army. it has so far been a very long 2 weeks. haha it's terrible, this feeling of interdependence. it's technically only been 4 days of not doing anything substantial (no assignments, presentation or camp) and already i feel like... :( it's going to be a really long two years. have taken to reading our letters and msgs, looking at photos, and playing with carebears before sleep. haha i know right.

i think inevitably, there's always thoughts of doubts. and fears. of the future and the unknown lol. 

anyway, first book out tmr afternoon! hopefully it wouldnt drag out and i can go. have a feeling that i'll get to know the pasir ris area pretty well soon haha.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

i have written 5 posts since the start of this year. :/ blogging regularly was definitely not part of my 2011 resolutions.

anyways, it's my free day of the week! from school that is. and i'm beginning to feel that one day is not enoughhhh. :( i'm in the midst of my mid-terms week. well, more accurately, i have 1 more last paper to go tmr, and i've done 2 papers earlier this week already. tmr is a soci paper on childhood and youth, and it requires one of the essays to have references to photos of our childhood or that can link to concepts and ideas we've covered in the module thus far. hence my search dive into the computer, photo albums and facebook for photos that i can use. and it's draining my my brain juice. :( do you all know i don't like writing essays?

it's also the beginning of school exams! as in primary and secondary school exams that is. and being an undergrad tuition teacher, i feel like i'm taking psle/n levels/EOY exams too. my recess week last week was gone into studying for my own tests, and giving extra tuition lessons. :( can't wait for 2-3 weeks later! hopefully i can have a break in november.

on the bright sideeee, it's coming to october! (:

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

i am boreddd.
haha i think its a really strange thing. when i was having attachment, i was so longing just for a day when i could just stay at home the whole day and nuah. but i never did that because the free days/nights that i had were too precious to be spent wasting like that. and nowww, i have about a week of doing nothing before school starts, and i'm bored already! mmm. suddenly feels like the people i could call to go out or nuah with kind of shrank. everyone's growing up and being busy!

sooo. i have decided to revive and bring back this little list call the things i wanted to do. updated!

nonsense i will do one day:

1. Marina Barrage
2. Fort Canning
3. Changi Airport viewing galleries
4. Sungei Boloh(?)
5. Punggol beach All the beaches in Singapore
6. A cruise
7. Marina Bay Sands
8. Haw Par Villa

Fly kite
10. Make cheesecake
11. Make mooncake
12. Watch movies: Star Wars, Matrix, Harry Potter, Inception, LOTR, Narnia...
13. Make pizza
14. Go fishing on a boat
15. Sunrise at east coast, and sunset at west coast
16. Learn photoshop
17. Design my own cake at icing room
18. Make log cake for Christmas
19. Meatballs and daim cake at ikea
20. Make sushi
21. Eat durian things at four seasons durian

22. visit the National Museum, Pompeii exhibition
23. Science Centre for the CSI exhibition
24. take the cable car to Sentosa
25. exploring Punggol
26. Merlion at Sentosa

okay with that done...
i shall go find something to eat. which is kind of what i've been doing alot when i'm bored. :(
i'm undoing all the stair-climbing i did at placement!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

hello! it's been a super long while since i've last blogged. been busy with school and exams, then attachment, and now i'm supposed to be busy with my attachment paper due in 2 weeks. yups, so a quick one.

i've never been one to really write regularly on this blog, so i've adopted the 'pictures speak a thousand words' stand. i'm sure it has something to do with my boyfriend's influence. (:

haha okay not many pictures...because i've been a very unfortunate victim to being locked/hacked out of my hotmail and fb account. haha yes, so going through the long process of making friends again.

on the last day of attachment! with the onco team that i've been blessed with to do my 10 weeks of learning. really nice people!

and i like this picture! just because. (:

smiles @ 15:06.

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